移动设备收藏展示 第12集 富士通 U1010

My mobile device collection, episode 12: Fujitsu LifeBook U1010

Fujitsu U1010

品名 Product name 富士通 LifeBook U1010 Fujitsu LifeBook U1010
颜色 Color 白色 White
操作系统 OS Windows XP Tablet Edition
处理器 CPU 英特尔2007超移动平台 A110 @ 800MHz, 512KB二级缓存 Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007 A110 @ 800MHz w/ 512KB L2 cache
内存 Memory 1GB DDR2 不可升级 1GB DDR2, not upgradable
硬盘 Hard drive 40GB 1.8" PATA CF接口 40GB 1.8" PATA CF-connected
显卡 Graphics Intel GMA 950
电池 Battery FPCBP182 2600mAh @ 7.2V, 18Wh (Li-ion) / FPCBP182 5600mAh, 37Wh
屏幕 Screen 5.6" WSVGA (1024*600) TFT LCD (LED)
摄像头 Camera VGA, 0.3 meagpixels
输入输出 Input/Output 无线网络开关、电源、SD卡读卡器、音量旋钮、3.5mm音频输入及输出、底座接口、CF卡读卡器、USB 2.0、摄像头、指点杆及按键、指纹识别器和7个硬件快捷键(日版机型带电视接收器天线,底座上有4个USB 2.0、VGA和RJ45接口) Wireless switch, power jack, SD card reader, volume rocker, 3.5mm audio in/out, docking port, CF card reader, USB 2.0, camera, point stick and mouse buttons, fingerprint reader and 7 programmable hardware buttons (Japanese version has TV tuner antenna, extra 3*USB 2.0, VGA and RJ45 ports on docking station)
重量 Weight 630g
网络 Network 内置蓝牙2.0、10/100BASE-T局域网、802.11a/g无线网 Bluetooth 2.0 built-in, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and 802.11a/g Wi-Fi
成色 Quality 二手 Pre-owned
发售日期 First released 2007年5月 May, 2007
其他 Others 此机型在日本和美国型号为U810。原机主居住在昆士兰州,显示屏因潮湿环境的原因出现不可逆的水波纹,屏幕背光板后方和机身背面在清理时发现大量虫卵,机身背面的富士通隔热垫及标签因此已被揭除。 This model has a different model number, U810, in Japan and US. Previous owner is from Queensland. Display has unrepairable watermark due to humid environment. Large quantity of insect eggs are found behind backlight module and bottom of the unit and has been cleaned up. Fujitsu's signature heat absorbing felt pads and labelling has been removed when cleaning (due to previous mentioned reasons).
当前状态 Current status 可工作,仅收藏 In working order, only for collection
相关信息 Related info Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 Factsheet, Small Laptops and Notebooks

Top coverU1010 in tablet modeTiny 56-key keyboardBottom cover


Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 is more like a shrink-down version of other Fujitsu tablet PCs, which is more similar to a laptop compare to other UMPC models. It has a larger dimension and screen to VAIO UX. U1010's display can be rotated to be easier for two hands. There's also some hardware programmable buttons around screen to do things such as turn on keyboard light and open handwriting panel. It even has a Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut, probably a design due to its low performance and lack of confidence. On the other hand, that is indeed a keyboard, not like those tactile buttons on Samsung and Sony devices. This unit is pretty much beat-up in Queensland. When I tear it down for cleaning I found a nest of insect eggs behind display panel as well as around stickers on the bottom which is, well, disgusting. It took me few hours to get it cleaned but I have to remove signature heat absorb sticks on the back along with model labels. What a pity.

Left side portsRight side ports


Ports around the unit: power jack, wireless switch, card reader, blah blah blah. There's only one USB port with protective cover on the right side. Using the power switch is agony. It slides upward instead of downward with a very little grab, can you believe that?

Two sizes of batteriesBattery information

这台机器自带两块大电池和一块标准电池,和ThinkPad一样,大电池会凸出来一截。虽然容量不小,但是经不起A110 CPU的折腾,只能用2-3小时。说到这个CPU,估计U1010是为数不多使用英特尔2007移动平台的机型了吧,后来就有了凌动系列,A110/A120很快就淘汰了。

It came with three batteries (including a standard and two large). When you put the large battery in it protrude like ThinkPad. Although it's a 37Wh battery it hardly make to 3 hours of use time and I blame it to mobile platform U1010 uses. U1010 is a few devices implemented Intel's Ultra Mobile platform 2007 and it was outdated right away when Intel released Atom processors.

Flipped with stylus popped outBooted up


Stylus is located above screen and slide right out with two segments. When it boots up you can see the fancy Phoenix BIOS screen that supports mouse operation.

Headlight featureTablet mode on docking station


Keyboard light is a neat design but too dark to use. It comes with a docking station of course, just like its competitors.

Docking stationDocking station right sidePorts on docking station


There's no weight in docking station but provides a metal bar at rear to keep it from tip over. It has four USB ports along with VGA and RJ45 ports on the back.

Windows XP Tablet Edition Login screen with on-screen keyboard and fingerprint reading messageWriting panel

软件篇,预装的系统是Windows XP的平板版本,所以登陆的时候会出现软键盘,而桌面上也可以调出手写框,和其他Tablet PC并无区别。

U1010 has Windows XP Tablet PC Edition preinstalled which come with Royale Blue theme and on-screen keyboard at login. Also handwriting panel will pop out on desktop.

PC PropertyU1010 pre-installed softwaresFujitsu Menu appHorrible brightness OSD

配置方面刚才已经吐槽过了,随机软件比较少,鉴于Windows XP Tablet PC Edition已经提供了很多功能,也就没什么可说的了。比较有代表性的是富士通菜单这个应用,双击鼠标旁边的Fn键可以调出,然后用Fn键旁边的方向键即可导航。其他方面,富士通随机软件的设计实在是太粗犷了,比如这个亮度的OSD,看看那感人的锯齿和亮绿色,瞬间回到了80年代。

It comes with fewer software since Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is already feature-rich. Fujitsu Menu is an app that can be launched by double press Fn key next to point stick and can be navigated by using arrow keys next to Fn button. I have to say some of Fujitsu software are just unbelievable, such as this brightness OSD, feel like been teleported back to 80s.

VGA camera sample


Here's a sample for VGA camera. Don't expect too much.

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